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    Assembly: Disinformation is an evolution of three programs at the Center – formerly known as the Berklett Cybersecurity project, Techtopia, and the Assembly program, a joint initiative with the MIT Media Lab. Learn more about the previous iterations of those programs below. 


    Berklett, launched in 2015 


    Assembly, launched in 2017
    Landing Page – https://perma.cc/ZR5B-5RZF2019
    People – https://perma.cc/4BBX-XTRD
    Projects – https://perma.cc/QE32-2UK72018
    People – https://perma.cc/4CV9-JXNA
    Projects – https://perma.cc/5A96-4LF4
    AI Class – https://perma.cc/8NW9-77R72017
    Program – https://perma.cc/UW4L-HRQD
    Projects – https://perma.cc/6FES-BJR3
    I&S Class – https://perma.cc/L3KF-2R3M


    Techtopia, launched in 2018
    Landing Page – https://perma.cc/DEN7-5WNV
    Community – https://perma.cc/CXG8-FXLH
    Program Overview – https://perma.cc/8BWV-NZ95
    Application – https://perma.cc/9VAM-XGHY