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    Inside The R&D Of AI Ethics

    in Forbes

    "It’s clear that the roadmap for AI governance won’t rely solely on business or academic research. It can—and should—be a collaboration between the two"

    Read the Forbes profile of the Assembly Fellowship 2018 program. The piece highlights the Data Nutrition Project, which launched from the Assembly 2018 cohort.

    Why Assembly?

    in Medium

    In this Medium story, the Berkman Klein Center provides background on the Assembly program.

    "At the Berkman Klein Center, we’re encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge transfer through Assembly, an annual program that gathers technologists, policymakers, developers, managers, and other professionals to confront emerging problems related to the ethics and governance of artificial intelligence. Assembly is a collaboration with

    the MIT Media Lab and a part of our broader joint Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Initiative."

    Some assembly required...an AI Ethics Superteam?

    in Harvard Business School's Digital Initiative

    “We hope Assembly spurs meaningful learning and collaboration across sectors, and encourages other institutions to host similar programs.

    The technology we create now — and the decisions we make about how to use it — will shape the future,” writes Assembly project manager Hilary Ross. 

    What We Created During Assembly 2019

    in Medium

    “Over three months, the cohort learned together and from BKC and MIT Media Lab’s community of technologists, researchers, activists, and changemakers. By the end of the program, they’d built four projects that offer ways to move forward on the thorny problems at the intersection of AI and ethics.” writes Assembly project manager Hilary Ross. 

    HLS and MIT Media Lab Launch Course on Law and Regulation in Digital World

    in Harvard Law Today

    “For the first time, Harvard Law School and the MIT Media Lab have collaborated to host an innovative January-term course, “Internet & Society: The Technologies and Politics of Control,” dedicated to understanding the legal and technical dynamics of the digital world,” write Research Associate Tiffany Lin and MIT PhD student Amy Zhang.